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Explore the world of

Gypsy Jazz music


Explore the world of

Gypsy Jazz music  - Our resident gig, the hottest place in                                           town for fine eats, drinks and Swinging                                        Gypsy Jazz in London


www.festivaldjangoreinhardt.comHome of the official Samois                                                          sur Seine Festival site - Listen to Django on web radio Django Reinhardt Swing Page - They specialize in the music of Django                                          Reinhardt. They carry a wide array of                                          Gypsy jazz books, CDs, guitars, strings,                                        picks, amplification, and other                                                      accessories


www.rosenbergacademy.comStudy Gypsy Jazz guitar with                                                        Stochelo Rosenberg. An ever                                                        expanding library of video guitar                                                  lessons in which Stochelo shares                                                  his approach to Gypsy Jazz - The best and rarest vintage Gypsy                                               guitars - Third generation luthier based in Paris,

                                  some of the best Gypsy Jazz guitars

                                  around A full service guitar shop devoted to                                             conserving the rich history of         

                                          Django Reinhardt and the

                                                                              instruments that make Gypsy Jazz

                                          music so unique


www.chrisalandaniels.comDjango in oil paintings and pencil




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