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Gypsy Dynamite Trio

feat. Dom Durner

Gypsy Dynamite Trio

feat. Francesca Confortini

Gypsy Dynamite

Gypsy Dynamite also perform with a singer... Well, it’s not just “a” singer, it’s an incredible artist and also a great friend of theirs... Dom Durner!

Canadian singer, Dom Durner has traveled all over the world spreading his love for music amongst the masses. Having  settled in London since a few years, he has worked with some amazing artists and has founded a few incredible bands already, such as The Manouche and The Flying Shoes.

He started now an explosive collaboration with Gypsy Dynamite.

Francesca joined Gypsy Dynamite in December 2017.
She is a London based singer and songwriter with great experience on both national (UK) and international scene (Italy, France) as session singer and recording artist.

Her forte are Jazz, Italian songs and rearrangements of popular songs in her unique, soulful and charismatic style.

It's a pleasure and honour to welcome her to the Gypsy Dynamite family!

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